Loftus Otway 1755-1789

Born: 11 Apr 1755
Died: 18 Feb 1789 Nenagh
Father:Caesar Otway
Mother:Sarah Clarke
Spouse:Sarah Woodward
Married: 20 May 1779
Children:Caesar Otway, William Loftus Otway, Phoebe Loftus Otway, Sarah Otway, James Otway
Occupation:Linen Draper
Buried: Nenagh Old Cemetary
Updated: 20 Feb 2000


Loftus, like his uncles, was a big, powerful man, being 6ft. 5 ins. He married his cousin Sarah on the 20th May 1779. She was the daughter of James Woodward of Clogh Prior. Loftus was a linen draper in Nenagh, trading from Barrack Street. He died in 1789. His death was caused by plunging his feet in cold water after violent exercise, causing inflammation. His wife died in childbirth. His cousin, James Otway of Prior Park, was appointed guardian of his children, there being five.

Loftus and Sarah were buried, with many others of the family, at Nenagh Old Cemetery (at Church). The Estate of Knockalton was sold after their death. Lissen Hall had reverted to the elder branch of the family and was sold by Admiral Robert Jocelyn Otway with a large part of the estate in 1849 and 1858.

Will dated 14/2/1789, proved 11/3/1789.

Some information from the College of Heralds, Dublin (GO MS 176 Pages 215-223)

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