Upgrading the RAM to 256Mb



WARNING!!!! This procedure is for advanced users, and could potentially permanently render your Loox inoperable. If you are in any way unclear about the techniques described below, please don't proceed. I would also advise that you read the entire set of instructions before proceeding, to be clear in exactly what's required.

FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK! I cannot take any responsibility for any damage or problems which might occur whilst following these instructions. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Upgrading the RAM

Thanks to Paul Lulewicz for the following instructions and pictures.

1. Remove the screw under the red arrow.


2. Next, you turn the machine over and remove the long thin strip immediately below the keyboard that was held in place by the screw. I started in the middle and slowly lifted it working towards the edges. Take your time and be gentle and it should come off fine.

3. Remove the keyboard lock down strip (the long thin strip found just below the keyboard).

4. Now remove the Keyboard (it just lifts out) turning it over as shown below.

Keyboard is removed

5. Finally, you remove the existing MicroDIMM and insert the new one. I found that it was necessary to angle the module up and then slide it down and into place. Quite a bit of force is required, so be firm.

256MB MicroDIMM seated properly

256MB MicroDIMM seated properly (This is a T8, the T7 is slightly different, but essentially the same).

Lastly, reverse your steps and reassemble your LOOX (it always is easier going back together), then power on and check that the memory is properly recognized at POST and you are good to go.

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