Loftus Hamilton Otway 1803-1862

Born: 02 May 1803
Died: 04 Oct 1862
Father:Robert Otway
Mother:Harriet Bridgewater
Spouse:Mary Mayne
Married: 16 Jan 1830 St. George's Anglican Church, Grenada
Children:Robert James Otway, Harriett Maria Otway, Loftus Bridgewater Otway, Joseph Townshend Otway, Maria Eliza Otway, Henry Bain Otway, Margaret Anne Otway, Thomas Webster Townshend Otway, David Basden Aird Otway, John Bent Townshend Otway, Elizabeth Anne Otway
Occupation:Captain, Island Rangers
Buried: 05 Oct 1862
Updated: 14 May 2001


Ectract from the "Budget" published by Septimus Wells, Grenada, B.W.I. 16th March 1911 - Grenada 1833 - from Transatlantic Sketches by Captain J.E.Alexander - "The great attraction in Grenada is the Grang Etang or Lake on the summit of a mountain, apparently an extinct volcano. A pleasant tempered and handsome young Irishman, Captain Otway of the Island Rangers, agreed to accompany me to visit the 'lion' so we mounted at six in the morning and rode out of town. We passed under Hospital Hill where the British under Lord Macartney made such a notable defence against the expedition of the Count D'Estaing in 1779."

Extract of a letter of 8th August 1907 from J.B.T.Otway of The Park, Grenada to John Felix Hamilton Otway

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