Maureen Frances Grace Fairbairn

Maureen Frances Grace Fairbairn 1917-

Born: 17 May 1917 Calne, Wilts
Father:James Hastings Otway
Mother:Mary Elizabeth Ethelreda Boileau
Spouse:Laurence Fairbairn
Married: 28 May 1949 Wicklow
Children:Patricia Josephine Grant, Nicola Maureen Grant, Peter Laurence Fairbairns
Other Partners:Ian Douglas Rutherford Grant
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Lived in Cobh, Ireland with father from 1920-22. Maureen went to various schools in England as father was moved all over the place. She ended up at boarding school at Lanhearn House, Dawlish from 1930-33 and then went to Domestic Science College in Torquay in 1934. She left in 1935 with an Honors Diploma. In 1936 she was briefly engaged to a first cousin, Tinker Otway, but broke it off two months later. She then went to Vancouver with friends of her mother in 1937 to look after their 3 year old daughter. She stayed with them for one year and then stayed on for another year in digs, taking a job as an artist (fashion drawing) in the Hudson Bay Company, a shop like Harrods, in Vancouver doing all their artwork for the two local newspapers and their windows. She returned home in February 1938, only because war was coming. She then took a job with The Shell Mex Country Club, in Lansbury near Kingston, Surrey, as a waitress. She met Ian Grant, got engaged 6 weeks later and married on March 7th 1940. For mmost of the war Maureen was with Ian, stationed in or near London.

In 1945 Maureen sold her mother's house in Devon, bought a house in Copthorne, Sussex and lived there from 1945 until she became engaged to Laurie Fairbairns in 1948. She moved with her two daughters to live with him in Wicklow and was married on 18 May 1949. Peter was bornn in 195. Laurie died in Nov 1985.

Maureen in stil painting in 1999, having started at Art College at the age of 10, in Newton Abbot, Devon and then for one year at Richmond College of Art. She had always wanted to be an artist and was greatly encouraged by her father. She was also very keen on riding, games and garrdening, not to mention re-decorating houses!

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