Nigel Basil Whitehead 1931-

Born: 17 Jul 1931
Father:Edward (Ted) Whitehead
Spouse:Monica Margaretha Gustafsson
Married: 28 Aug 1988
Children:Sarah Whitehead, Benjamin Gustaf Basil Whitehead
Education:Camp Hill, Birmingham & Birmingham College Of Art
Occupation:Advertising / Insurance / Art & Property
Christened: 1940
Other Partners:Annesley (Kcowgill A Anne)
Updated: 30 Aug 1999


In 1975 Anne and Nigel separated and Nigel decided to opt out of his employee status, selling insurance to make a livelihood, self-employed, from property. The idea was that this would allow time and fund his first love - painting.

He visited Monica in Sweden and discussed his plans to buy properties which could make an income from rents. Nigel left his insurance job and bought his first property in 1977. Monica finished her degree and joined him later that year. Nigel took a government TOPS course in plastering because Nigel and Monica decided that the best way to start was to do most renovation themselves. Nigel and Monica married in 1978 since which time they have reburbished many units for rent to residential and business tenants.

Painting took a back seat because the property demanded more time than at first calculated. By 1995 the business is successful enough to fund Nigel, who is painting mainly in the abstract manner, to mount a one man exhibition of his art.

Monica became interested in the art of cake decorating. She studied with the local Adult Education Institute and took exams gaining distinctions in all parts. The Lambeth Education Committee approached her and offered her a teaching post. In 1995, she now teaches part-time.

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