Olga Whitehead

Olga Whitehead 1915-

Born: 11 Feb 1915
Father:Charles Basil Whitehead
Mother:Lilian Mary Pym
Partner:William Oldfield
Children:Jennifer Whitehead
Christened: 28 Mar 1915 Butterworth, Straits Settlement, Malaya
Updated: 30 Aug 1999


Olga and Stella were identical twin sisters, so much so that on one occasion Stella's son Michael actually mistook Olga for Stella from 10 yards away.

They were brought up in Penang from where they returned with Aunt Nell in 1921 and then at Culmington Manor, Nr. Bristol until Basil returned from Malaya. They were confirmed at St. Pauls, Clifton on 2/11/30. They both had considerable artistic and music skills (piano), as well as being good tennis players. They won the Devon Ladies Doubles Championship. They lived a protected life under the watchful eye of their father.

In the 1950s, Olga ran a country club for a while outside Colchester during which time she met Bill. Jenny was born in 1954. They continued to live in Colchester until Jenny went to New Zealand and finally settled in Australia.

Early in the 1980s Olga moved to Torquay. She made two attempts to settle in Australia to be near Jenny, but could not cope with the heat and so returned to the UK. Like her sister, she had inherited a considerable sum from Pym Family Trusts, but by the early 1980's there was nothing left and she had to survive in a bedsitter in Torquay, living on her State pension.

During the 90s cataracts began to affect Olga's eyesight but she chose to have no action taken although laser technology gave the operation a high success rate. By 1997 she was virtually blind but still seeking to be independent and live on her own. However she was becoming a danger to herself and others so Jenny decided to move her to a residential home in Colchester where she could be near at hand. There was much protest but eventually the move proved a success.

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