James Nicholas Whitehead

James Nicholas Whitehead 1844- 1921

Born: 1844 Chile
Died: ABT 1921
Father:James Whitehead
Mother:Elisabeth Stobart
Spouse:Caroline Maria Holberton
Married: 10 Nov 1865
Children:James Stobart Whitehead, Harri Clough Whitehead, Caroline Emily Broughton Whitehead, Charles Basil Whitehead, Jack Whitehead, Henrietta Mabel Whitehead, Ellen Octavia Whitehead, Percy Colin Whitehead, Ernest Kilve Whitehead
Updated: 26 Jul 2000


James may have been a vicar or his father may have been a vicar. It is noticeable that several of the children, perhaps all, were confirmed on the same day at St. Luke's Church, Torquay.

Extracted in 1996 from a Bible kept by Benda Milverton.

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