Joseph Perkins 1853-1937

Born: 1853
Died: 24 Jun 1937
Father:Joseph Perkins
Partner:Sarah Pearce
Children:Florence Perkins, Joseph Edward Leonard Perkins, Millie Perkins, Marjorie Perkins, Wynne Perkins
Christened: 08 May 1853
Buried: 29 Jun 1937 Englefield Green Cemetery, Egham, Surrey
Updated: 05 Dec 1998


Joseph, a professional gardener, is described as ‘a drunken old sod’ - a bottle of Scotch for lunch. During World War I, one of his jobs was to guard the Railway Bridge which he is said to have done from the pub beside the bridge!

Despite his 'habits', he was a good gardner who rose to be Head Gardner at Baron Sir John Henry Schroder's. The Baron's father was a keen gardner himself. His interest in orchids led to the building of large greenhouses on his estate at 'The Dell', Bishopsgate near Windsor Park. These were also used to grow grapes, peaches, nectarines and melons. His orchid collection became world renowned. He won 3 gold and ten silver medals at the Royal Horticultural Society shows between 1891 and 1904. Baron Schroder died in 1910 and his son inherited the title and lived at Dell Park, subsequently the Anugraha Hotel (1984). Much of the grounds of 'The Dell' became part of Dell House. One must presume that Joseph was involved with all of this. Joseph specialised in roses and apparently produced one of the first black roses.

He died aged 72 in 1937, buried in Englefield Green Cemetery. Married Sarah Pearce who died in 1939 aged 77. They lived at 40 North Street, Egham, where Ronald was born. Sarah’s twin sister kept 'The Red Cow’ at Datchet. Sarah was described as 'a sweet lady'.

These notes were first put to-gether from conversations with Ronald Leonard Perkins over Christmas 1992. Buried Grave No. 1288, Plot 10

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