Douglas Grant -1953

Died: 1953 Canterbury
Father:Joseph Grant
Children:Ian Douglas Rutherford Grant
Updated: 19 Sep 2001


Douglas was instrumental in introducing golf to California. Together with Jack Neville, he was responsible for designing Pebble Beach Golf Course which opened in 1919. He was amateur champion of the USA and the UK in the 1930's. He was Captain of Royal St. George's, Sandwich, England in 1952/53.

Quote from Golf World - Page 110, November 2000

"England declared war at 11 a.m. on Sunday September 3rd - an hour and a quarter after a fourball teed off on the 1st hole at Royal St. George's. Before the group started , they'd asked a fellow in the clubhouse to raise the club flag if war was declared. The speedy group reached the 10th and hit four spanking tee shots, only to see one of their caddies, who had gone on ahead, waving like a madman. The dreaded flag was raised. In the excitement they decided to carry on, and one member, Douglas Grant, prepared to hit his second. Just as he did so an air raid siren sounded. Grant hit a shank - understandable if it were not for the fact that he was stone deaf. Unsure whether to laugh or cry, the group decided to call their round to a close."

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