Daniel Redman -1675

Died: 1675
Father:James Redman
Mother:Agnetis Otway
Partner:Abigail Otway
Children:Elinor Redman, Elizabeth Redman
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He accompanied Cromwell to Ireland as a Major of a horse regiment and was returned to Parliament as Member for Belturbet in 1654in the Second Parliament of Oliver Cromwell (17th Sep 1656 to 4th Feb 1657). He obtained large grants of confiscated lands in Kilkenny.

After the death of Oliver Cromwell he gained command of a regiment and sided with General Monck. He tried to win over Col. Axtell but inly succeeded in winning over his men. If he ever had any Republican principles, he had no scruples about changing them, being as zealous to bring back the King as he had been to get rid of him. He became an M.P. in Charles II Parliament, representing Kilkenny 1661-66. At the start he seemed to attend regularly appearing on a number of committees. On 16th June 1662 he got leave of absence for a fortnight but did not return at the end of it as his name appears on a list of Members "who had leave to repair into the country, but have outstayed the time limited to them" and who are ordered "for their absence this day, upon call of the House, to be fined in the sum of Five Pounds each, in case they give not their attendance on the service of this House within the space of fourteen days."

In 1661 he was elected Mayor of Kilkenny and in 1664 served as High Sheriff of the county. In 1664 he paid 16 shillings hearth money for Ballylinch, 4 shillings for Inisnag which he held by lease from the Bishop of Ossory (Thomas Otway, cousin to his wife). In 1668 he had confirmation under the Act of Settlement of 12,890 statute acres situated in Meath, King's County, Queen's County, Kilkenny, Wexford and Liberties of Wexford; and on 18th June of 428 acres in Tipperary.

A Colonel in Parliamentary Army and friend of Col. John Otway of Castle Otway, cousin to Sir John Otway of Sedburgh.

Some information from the College of Heralds, Dublin (GO MS 176 Pages 215-223) and from Kilkenny Members.

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