James Loftus Otway 1848-1883

Born: 30 Dec 1848 Fort Royal, Rathmullen, Co. Donegal
Died: 15 Apr 1883 Rome
Father:Caesar George Otway
Mother:Elizabeth Hannah Batt
Education:Trinity College, Dublin & R.M.A.Sandhurst
Occupation:Army Officer - Lt. 22nd Regiment
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James Loftus was born at Fort Royal, Rathmullen, Co. Donegal. He entered Trinity College, Dublin in November 1867, and took his B.A. in June 1871. He joined the 1st Battalion 22nd Regiment (later The Cheshires) from Sandhurst. He was stationed variously around England and Ireland, including Cork and Dublin, rising to Captain. He contracted a severe intestinal disease in November 1882. He travelled to Cannes early in 1883 with his sister and then with the Rev. Narcissus G. Batt to Rome where he died on the 15th April 1883. - SP

Wiil proved by William Edwards George of Downside, Stoke Bishop, Gloucs. with a value of 1,113.12.5d

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