Cooke Otway 1728-1800

Born: 1728
Died: 05 Dec 1800 Castle Otway
Father:Henry Otway
Mother:Mary Cooke
Spouse:Elizabeth Waller
Married: 09 Aug 1766 St. Johns, Limerick
Children:Thomas Otway, Henry Otway, Cooke John Otway, Robert Waller Otway, Samuel Joceleyn Otway, Loftus William Otway, George Oliver Otway, Martha Otway
Education:Christ Church, Oxford
Occupation:Army Officer - Capt. Life Guards
Buried: Templederry
Updated: 03 Mar 2000


Cooke married Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Waller of Newport, Co. Tipperary and niece of Lord Chancellor Joceleyn. On the death of his brother, Cooke inherited the estates. Cooke was a cornet in the 4th Horse. The Army List of 1766 puts him with the 1st Regt. of Horse on 14 Aug 1765. He is also mentioned as being present at a review of the First Regiment of Horse at Maryborough on the 9th June 1769. He was then a Captain and aged thirty-four. He died in 1800. He left six sons and one daughter.

Will proved 1801

Some information from the College of Heralds, Dublin (GO MS 176 Pages 215-223)

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