Julia Mary Otway

Julia Mary Otway 1879-1969

Born: 04 Oct 1879
Died: 09 Jun 1969
Father:Caesar Hastings Otway
Mother:Julia Seton
Partner:Henry Martyn Hume
Children:Doris Ursula Hume, Henry Roy Hume, Kenneth Otway Hume
Updated: 03 Oct 1996


"Aunt Mary", who was the youngest in the family, was well respected by her nieces and nephews particularly Charlie's children, Kathleen andjack, who were "looked after" by their Aunt for a period toilowing their mother's death.

Mary married Henry Martyn HUME who was, for a period. with the Bank of New Zealand, then sharebroking in partnership with his brother. He later joined the New Zealand Insurance Co. Ltd. where he remained for many years p nor to his retirement through ill health. Henry's father was Manager of the Bank of New Zealand in Hamilton, for many years in the 1880s.

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