Arthur Ernest Otway

Arthur Ernest Otway 1873-

Born: 07 Feb 1873
Father:Caesar Hastings Otway
Mother:Julia Seton
Partner:Isabel Keith
Children:Arthur Douglas Keith Otway, Mona Mary Otway, Redvers Caesar Robert ("Ted") Otway, Godfrey Addington Fleet Otway, Nancy Isabel Otway
Updated: 03 Oct 1996


Unfortunately, we do not have much information concerning Arthur, but we do know that he always liked to appear well dressed and groomed. He married Isabel Keith and for a time lived at Invercargill where he was engaged in flax milling, but later moved back to Auckland, at that stage in Engineering, living in Kipling Avenue, Epsom, near the Otway senior's home. Eventually the family shifted to a farming life at Rama Rama, South Auckland. Later, for a time, Arthur was in Australia at Trunky, some 500 miles west of Sydney.

This family "looked after" the ailing Caesar Hastings for a short time prior to his death in a nursing home.

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