George Sidney Otway 1871-1912

Born: 13 Feb 1871
Died: 28 Oct 1912 Dublin
Father:Caesar Hastings Otway
Mother:Julia Seton
Occupation:Inspector, M.L.C.Assurance Co. Ltd.
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George wasa big, jolly man, who was also extremely fond of duck shooting and journeyed quite frequently to Aylesbury for this purpose staying with his brother Loftus. From what we can gather George was very kind and took pride in "looking after" his sister, Julia Mary.

He was an Inspector with the M.L.C. Assurance Co. Ltd., and the Company reports that he was always to the forefront with the completion of proposals. He was well known in the King Country and Parts of the Waikato areas.

George operated a horse and "trap" and both of these were looked after with meticulous care. Seton Otwav can recall that when he was at Aylesbury, he deliberately missed the train to take him back to Auckland Grammar School, so that he could travel instead with "Unde George". George was initiallv rather annoyed at this and extremely reluctant however he finally acceded to S eton 5 pleas and away tlie pair went - a long journev in those days - staying the night at Hamilton - at George's expense! Seton recalls the many people who greeted George on the journey and George's care, in looking after and grooming his horse, made a lasting impression on the young Seton.

Regrettably, George became ill and went to England for an operation which was not a success. He finally succumbed to his incurable illness on the 28th October, 1912 at the early age of 42.

An Obituary in the "M.L.C. Staff Record" dated 21st December 1912 reads as follows:

"Mr G.S. Otway, who died in England on the 28th October last, was the Company's representative in the King Country of New Zealand, where he performed good work for the office, and made a host of friends who will deplore his early death. He was unmarried, but leaves a mother and several brothers and sisters, to whom our sympathies are extended."

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