John Otway 1614-1694

Born: 1614 Aldebury, Wilts
Died: 1694
Father:George Otway
Spouse:Phoebe Loftus
Married: 1650
Children:John Otway, Nicholas Otway, Thomas Otway, Phoebe Otway, Adam Otway, Caesar Otway, James Otway, Elizabeth Otway
Buried: Templederry
Updated: 01 May 2001


According to one manuscript, Colonel John was a cousin of Thomas Otway, Bishop of Ossory (see APPENDIX A). However, although Thomas was of the Ingmire family, he was born in Wiltshire. It seems far more probable that Colonel John and Bishop Thomas were brothers as suggested by the records and family tree at the Irish Genealogical Office in Dublin Castle. As yet there is no positive proof, but the circumstantial evidence points in that direction. "Cousin" in Older English meant "kinsman" rather than the more modern narrow definition. It would also be sensible for Thomas, returning from exile, to favour going to Ireland where by then his "brother" was powerfully established. This possible solution to Colonel John's parentage still leaves him as a "cousin" of Sir John Otway of Ingmire. Other Johns born in and around Sedburgh and Middleton do not fit either the relationship or the age/time scale.

Firth and Davis's 'Regimental History of Cromwell's Army' has three mentions John: as a Captain at muster in Dublin in 1648 : that Clobery was converted to the cause of the monarchy by his brother-in-law, John Otway ; and to Redman (married to Abigail Otway - 385, daughter of Roger Otway of Sedburgh - 354), probably unknown to Monck, also having been won over by his brother-in-law(?) to the cause of Charles II. These latter references to Cloberry and to Redman probably refer to John Otway of Ingmire. D. Murphy in 'Cromwell in Ireland' (published in 1883 in Dublin) refers to Captain Otway who brought news of victory at Baggotrath, and so received a gift of 200 from Cromwell (Parliament).

As a Captain John was involved in a raid on Althorpe House near Northampton in 1643. In Dublin in 1649 the Royalists, under command of General Ormond, were keen to capture the city before Cromwell could land there. Ormand's troops established themselves at Baggotroth. Ormond sent some troops under Colonel Purcell to surprise the Parliamentarians, commanded by Colonel Jones. However, Jones forced the Royalists back and pursued them to Ormand's camp. As a result 6,000 were killed or captured. Ormand, with the rest of his army, was forced to retreat inland to Kilkenny. For bring news of the victory Otway received 200 and a further 1,000 for recruiting an Irish Regiment of horse for Colonel Jones. A week after the battle Cromwell landed in Dublin with 12,000 troops. In 1666, the Commission of Grace pardoned Otway for his deeds and confirmed the grant of land at Cloghonan in Tipperary.

On 10th October 1665 John Otway received, by Patent, a grant of the Manor and Castle of Cloghonan in the Barony of Upper Ormond in the County of Tipperary, including 3,776 acres of land, after exchanging them for land in Kerry. This was created into a Manor by Patent dated 5th December 1684. He wished to settle in Tipperary, near his old friends, Colonels Prittie and Sadleir, who had acquired property in that area. Colonel John purchased part of the estate from the "Innocent Papists", then O'Kennedy and O'Ryan.

Colonel John married, in 1650, Phoebe, the daughter of Sir John Loftus of Fethard, Co. Wexford. Sir John Loftus was an ancestor of the Marquis of Ely, grandson of the famous Pluralist 'Sir Adam Loftus' who came to Ireland during the reign of Elizabeth I and filled the important offices of Lord Chancellor, Lord Primate and Provost of Trinity College.

Colonel John renamed Cloghonan as Castle Otway. He lived there to an old age. He left six sons and two daughters. There is a memorial to him carved in a flagstone set in the crypt of the Church at Templederry (see APPENDIX H).

In a Deed dated 9 Nov 1686 between John elder and John younger (witnessed by, among others, Thomas Otway and John's wife Mary) - Provision on death - Phoebe 150 p.a. paid two feasts of St Michael Archangel and Annunciation Blesses Lady the Virgin, then to Nicholas 2nd son, Thomas 3rd son, Adam 4th son, Caesar 5th son 500 shillings, James 6th son 500 shillings.

The information about Col. John's children came from the original manuscript. The conection of Col. John as son of Rev. George is based on information from the College of Heralds, Dublin (GO MS 176 Pages 215-223), but since some of their information is questionable one cannot be sure that the link is truly established. However IGI Records (Mormon Microfiche) show a John Otway as the son of George, born at Aldebury in 1614.

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