John Peter Hamilton Boileau 1841-1910

Born: 1841 Wexford, Eire
Died: 1910
Father:Lestock Francis Boileau
Mother:Charlotte Packer
Spouse:Elizabetth Marion Bond
Married: 1868
Children:Bertha Lillian Boileau, Eileen Boileau, Ethel Annie Alice Boileau, Charlotte Boileau
Education:MD Dublin 1873, FRCSI 1874, Dipl State Med Dublin Univ
Occupation:Soldier Surgeon
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Army Medical Services, Assistant surgeon 29th Foot; Malta, Canada, Jamaica, Barbados, Ireland and Jersey. Surgeon-Major 1876, Netley Military Hospital as Assistant Professor of Pathology till 1883. Lt. Col. 1884 then Brigade Surgeon 1889. Retired 1896 resided at Trowbridge as Medical Officer in charge of Troops. Wrote on medical subjects.

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