John Brooke May 1925-

Born: 1925
Father:John Powell May
Mother:Rona Annette Otway
Partner:Bronwyn Kemp
Children:Donna May, Celia May
Updated: 03 Oct 1996


John Brooke May came out to New Zealand in 1935 at the age of 10. He lived in ArneyRoad, Remuera and went to Kings College. He started to read for a law degree but the close study was hard on his eyes with the result that he decided to go in for market gardening, raising tomatoes in glasshouses on a property he bought in Avondale, Auckland, for this purpose.

John married Bronwyn Kemp from the East Coast and they had two daughters, Donna, now married and Celia. Many years later, the family separated and after his mother died John came back to live at Arney Road, with his second wife, Muriel. Unfortunately, John now has little vision.

Cynthia May married Dr Jack Burton who gained an award for cancer reseach about 1950. Cynthia plays the piano well and she and Jack have three sons, Ross, James and Robert.

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