James Seton Otway 1942-

Born: 01 Dec 1942
Father:Kenneth Seton Otway
Children:Nicola Otway, Sarah Otway, Annabelle Otway
Updated: 03 Oct 1996


James, the son of Seton and Ruth, was born in December 1942. He attended St. Peter's School in Cambridge and then went to Kings College in Auckland, as a boarder, and was a member of the First XI. For a period, he also attended Massey University.Jim used to play polo but the demands of the horse stud, caused him to give up the sport.

As owner of the farm and manager of the Trelawney Stud, Jim has been kept very busy. He married Lesley Denton whose family were pioneering early settlers at Cheviot in the South kland. Jim worked for a time on a stud farm in Canada and he and Lesley have had trips to Australia, England and France in connection with the thoroughbred industry.

The sires at present standing at the stud are 'Val de Fiet'' and "Wolverton".

Jim and Lesley have three daughters.

Nicola, who is boarding at Diocesan School in Hamilton, while her two sisters, Sarah and Annabelle are attending Leamington Primary School.

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