Doris Ursula Hume

Father:Henry Martyn Hume
Mother:Julia Mary Otway
Partner:Edward Desmond Williams
Children:Michael Williams, Mary Seton Williams
Updated: 03 Oct 1996


Doris Ursula Hume married Edward Desmond Williams who had a honev farm at Te Awamutu and established, with his cousin Miles Otway. the firm of Otway and Williams ttd. which has become nationally known as a supplier of excellent quality honey which was also exported to Australia. When they retired, they lived in Auckland where Desmond died in 1975. DORIS and DESMOND had two children:

Michael Williams, who married Jane Mitchelson. Michael, unfortunately, died in 1981. Michael and Jane have 3 children: Samuel Christopher, who is aged 12. Kathleen Margaret. who is 10, and Thomas Edward.

Mary Seton Williams married Ray McCardle and they have two daughters, Anna Seton and Nichila.

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