Julia Seton

Father:Miles Charles Seton
Mother:Ann Maria Cocke
Spouse:Caesar Hastings Otway
Married: 04 Sep 1858
Children:Loftus Hastings Otway, Charles Caesar Otway, Caesar ("Ted") Otway, George Sidney Otway, Arthur Ernest Otway, Julia Mary Otway, Hugh Hill Otway
Education:Boarding School On Rhine - Spoke Fluent French And German
Christened: 09 Apr 1837 Paddington, Harrow St., Catholic Apostolic
Updated: 11 Oct 1996


Julia's antecedents can be traced back to Princess Margaret only child and heir of John, Earl of Buchan, grandson of King Robert 2nd of which Branch of the Stuart Kings, the Setons are the only representatives. One can go further back to Lady Christian (sister of King Robert Bruce) who was the wife of Sir Christopher Seton the 3rd. surnamed ''the Good'' because he ''killed so many Englishmen''. And tracing even further back to Alfred the Great'.

From all accounts, Julia was a fine woman who was always concerned with "doing the right thing" - she was a real strength to her children. We can only admire her acceptance of and the need to adapt to her changed life in the new country - a far cry from the "gentle life" of London when she was always escorted by 2 grooms when riding through Hyde Park.

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