Kenneth Seton Otway 1926-

Born: 1926
Father:Leonard Seton Otway
Children:James Seton Otway
Updated: 03 Oct 1996


Ken spent his early years at Kiwitahi and Cambridge. After initial primary schooling at Leamington, he continued his Sc ooling at Auckland after he was 9 years old following which. his secondary education was at Auckland Grammar. He. also, was a good shot; both brothers going duck shooting in the season with their father and uncle.

Ken did well at school gaining his University Entrance and Bursary and going on to become an Accountant by the time he was 21. He worked for two Auckland firms before going on a trip to Europe. On returning to New Zealand, he bought a partnership with Kirk, Barclay and Co. From the original three partners, the firm expanded until there were thirteen partners and their offices stretched from Whangarci through the main centres to Alexandra in the South Island.

Ken visited associate companies in Australia, Canada and the United States to keep abreast of modern ceouriting practice. Ken lived in Milford and looked after his mother until she died in 1977. He is now semi-retired but still goes into the Downtown House Office in Auckland and works through the winter months. He has always enjoyed sport playing tennis, golf and badminton. He is also a keen jogger and enjoys yachting, besides taking an interest in art.

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