Peter Miles Otway

Peter Miles Otway 1936-

Born: 1936
Father:Miles Hastings Otway
Children:Elizabeth Otway, David Otway
Updated: 03 Oct 1996


Peter began as a surveyor in the 1940s and in the early 1950s went to the Antarctic surveying, doing a great deal of flying around the area in a small plane. He took some wonderful photographs of the region and there is a mountain down there called the Otway Massif thanks to Peter. Later he returned to the Antarctic to work for the Americans but had to be recalled on his father's death.

Peter has lectured on his experiences in the Antarctic and has been fearured in the National Geographic Magazine. He has also worked for the Americans in Libya. While he was on another job in Iran, he was captured by bandits and almost got shot but the bullet was deflected by his binoculars (his father's) which were slung around his neck. Fortunately he was rescued but the episode was featured in the Iranian papers.

Peter and his wife Rosemary, now live at Taupo and have a daughter, Elizabeth, attending Hamilton Diocesan, and a son, David.

Peter is now working for the D.S.I.R. and keeps an eye on the Tongariro National Park Mountains. He has always enjoyed skiing and has actively participated in this not only in New Zealand but also in Switzerland. Mountains have always fascinated him and he has recently climbed Mauna Loa in the Hawaiian Islands.

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