Edward Charles Loftus Otway 1925-

Born: 1925
Father:Leonard Seton Otway
Partner:Patricia Lawrence
Children:Craig Seton Otway, Susan Odele Otway, Penelope Peta (Penny) Otway
Other Partners:Ethne Ashley
Updated: 03 Oct 1996


Ted went to Hillcrest Primary and Leamington Primary School in Cambridge; later he attended Auckland Grammar School. On leaving school, he started as an engineering cadet with the Auckland Harbour Board.

During the Second World War, Ted joined the Navy, training as an officer under "Scheme B". He went to England, finishing his training while based at Plymouth but before he was sent into action, the war finished. Returning to New Zealand after the war, he rejoined the Auckland Harbour Board and completed his examinations to qualify as an engineer.

He married Ethne Ashley and built his own house at Eastern Beach, Auckland. They had three children.

In 1959 the family moved to Tauranga where Ted became Chief Engineer to the Bay of Plenty Harbour Board. He spent many years develop mg the harbour and wharves, making several trips to England to have his designs tested at Wallingford and to transact other business for the Harbour Board in Europe.

In 1979 Ted retired from the Harbour Board and bought land at Pahoia, near Tauranga, for kiwi fruit farming. The family having separated in the mid-seventies, Ted married Pat Lawrence. He and Pat went to Fujairah in the Arab Emirates where Ted did the preparatory work in the building of the port for the Sheik. As they were there throughout 1980, they were close to the Iran / Iraq war.

They have now resumed life at ''Tregantle'', their propertv at Pahoia.

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