Herbert Francis Otway 1890-

Born: 1890
Died: ?
Father:James Hastings Otway
Mother:Frances Pollock
Partner:Gladys "Eve" Una Bernard
Education:St. Colombia & Trinity College, Dublin
Occupation:Army Officer & Stockbroker
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Herbert Francis was also educated at St. Columbia School and Trinity College, Dublin, where he is reputed to have kept himself well in pocket by winning at snooker. Commissioned into the Leicester Regiment, he won the Military Cross with them in World War I. When they were disbanded in 1921 on the independence of the Irish Free State, he transferred to the Lancashire Fusiliers. He was adjutant and subsequently a Major and then an instructor at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst. He was a good cricketer, representing Essex at one time. He retired from the Army about 1936 to become a stockbroker. On the outbreak of World War II, he rejoined, serving as a Staff Officer. After the War, he returned to stock-broking.

He married Gladys ("Eve") Una Bernard, daughter of Dr. Armand Bernard of Liverpool. There were no children.

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