John Bent Townshend Otway 1846-

Born: 08 Dec 1846
Father:Loftus Hamilton Otway
Mother:Mary Mayne
Spouse:Julia Elizabeth Preudhomme
Married: 08 Oct 1872
Children:Nora Elizabeth Otway, Lilian Bent Otway, John Felix Hamilton Otway, Julia Maria Otway, Mary Elaine Otway, Chlorice Sarah Otway, Louie Bonne Otway, Florence Mayne Otway, Ruthven Lusan Otway, Dorrit Preudhomme Otway, Claude Hamilton Otway
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He writes to J.F.H.Otway, giving details of family history "Your mother's mother was the daughter of an Irishman, Mr. King, who married a Miss McEwean."

Extract of a letter of 8th August 1907 from J.B.T.Otway of The Park, Grenada to John Felix Hamilton Otway

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